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Biotech Startup School@KU 2019 - Course Material

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Timing  Topic Assignments
Pre Course  

In Prep for Week 1:
DOWNLOAD VALUE PROPOSITION CANVAS - This is the worksheet for Week 1 and subsequent sessions.
* Acquaint yourself with seminar materials, especially the SS @ KU workbook templates which you’ll complete and present each week.
* Watch Kauffman FoundersSchool video: The Lean Approach: Getting Out of the Building: Customer Development (duration 5:44)
* Prepare Value Proposition worksheet.
    (pg 8 of Assignment Template)
* Prepare list of stakeholders to be interviewed.
    (pg 9-10 of Assignment Template)  

Week 1
Tues, Jan 8

Identify the Potential Commercial Application via Value Proposition

Presenter Slide Deck

Preserve Your Patent Rights
SHARPhub Flow Chart


In Prep for Week 2:
* Revise Value Proposition. (pg 8 of Assignment Template)
* Watch DOE Phase 1 Proposal Preparation Videos (Tutorial 21)
     Specifically watch - "Market Size - Demo" (duration 10:27)
     Next watch - "Financial - Demo" (duration 6:23)
* Read: Writing an SBIR Commercialization Plan
* Conduct secondary research to identify competitors, strengths/weaknesses, and opportunities for differentiation.

Week 2
Tues, Jan 15

Identifying Your Competitive Leverage

Presenter Slide Deck


In Prep for Week 3:
* Refine Competitive Leverage assessment. 
     (pg 17 of Assignment Template)
* Update SS @ KU workbook.
* Watch Saïd Business School, University of Oxford video/podcasts - "How Can I Protect My Ideas?":
   Chapter 1 (duration 3:40)
   Chapter 2 (duration 11:35)
   Chapter 3 (duration 9:20)
   Chapter 4 (duration 24:47)
   Chapter 5 (duration 12:07)
   Chapter 6 (duration 2:44)
* Watch SciTech Lecture Series-IP Protection for Biotechnology Inventions (duration 51:54)
* Read - Fact Sheet - IP in Biotechnology
* Read - World Intellectual Property Office Handbook
* Read - IP Rights - Role in Biotechnology
* Read - IP: Powerful Tool to Develop Biotechnology Research
* Consider/prepare basis for Intellectual Property.
   (pg 19-20 of Assignment Template)

Week 3
Tues, Jan 22

Intellectual Property Position and Strategy

Presenter Slide Deck (updated)

In Prep for Week 4:
* Construct outline of IP opportunities.
* Update SS @ KU workbook.
* Read Chapter 4 Influence of Standards Organizations and Regulatory Agencies.
* Watch Fast Forward Medical Innovation Videos:
   Part 1: FDA Regulations and Medical Device Pathways to Market (duration 28:20)
        NOTE: If you are familiar with basic regulatory classifications and quality systems requirements then skip this video (Part 1).
   Part 2: FDA Regulation of Medical Device Software (duration 17:48)
        NOTE: Watch Part 2 only if it is appropriate for your specific device.
   Part 3: Innovator Implications - FDA Regulation of Medical Device Software (duration 28:21)
* Prepare plan including milestones and funding plan for addressing regulatory requirements.

Week 4
Thurs, Jan 31

Regulatory Pathway and Reimbursement

Presenter Slide Deck

In Prep for Week 5:
* Refine regulatory plan.
* Prepare preliminary revenue model (licensing targets, licensor revenues, likely licensing terms).
* Complete SS @ KU workbook, prepare final presentation and reflect mentor feedback.

Week 5
Thurs, Feb 7

Revenue Model

Presenter Slide Deck

In Prep for Week 6:
* Acquaint yourself with SBIR application process available here.
* Watch Week 6 Videos – ABC’s of SBIR/STTR’s.
* Prepare elevator pitch for your company that can be used with Program Officers.

Week 6
Tues, Feb 12


In Prep for one-day intensive SHARPhub NIH SBIR training in March:
* Prepare SHARPhub Cohort Application available here.






































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